Business Introduction

Business Introduction

Pipeline Storage&Transportation Company, limited,SINOPEC (abbreviated as PSTC),is a wholly owned subsidiary of SINOPEC Corp., being in charge of the business of oil pipeline transportation and storage in SINOPEC .After several years’ development, our company has set up pipeline storage and transportation network, which connects the upstream and downstream, covering 21 main refining and chemical companies in the north, the east, the middle and the south China. Centered on the object of “Build up world-class pipeline logistics company”, PSTC will give full play to the professional advantages which are based on pipeline operation, technical research, pipeline inspection and examination, first-aid repair, special performance, construction program management, oil and gas storage & transportation technical service, as well as technical training, and vigorously implement technical service innovation upgrade, in order to forge our core competitive power.

Oil and gas storage&transportation

PSTC manages 39 oil pipelines across 14 provinces and municipalities with total length of 6616 km. The company manages oil storage tanks with total capacity of 43.37 million cubic meters, and 7 crude oil wharf joint venture companies. Adhering to the concept of “Safety first, service paramountcy”, we meticulously operate oil transportation and production, enhance management and examination, in order to guarantee the process of crude oil custody metering is fair and justified. We have transported over 100 million tons of crude oil annually in 7 successive years.

Pipeline management

PSTC has established intelligent pipeline management information system and professional pipeline integrity management system. Patrolling export pipeline follows such principle as employee self-patrolling, classification management, contracting in sections and everyone taking his own responsibility. We implement network management and node control model, establishing long-term system of uniting the efforts of “country, village, enterprise, local government and police” to protect, control and manage long-distance pipelines.

External Pipeline operation service

We make full use of specialized technology ,advantages of human resource and management experience of the whole industry chain to actively implement “Go out” strategy, and undertake operation, repair and maintenance business to elevate storage&transportation technical service overall.

We have signed the strategic and cooperative frame agreement with Shanghai Huaxin international group Inc., and to operate and manage the first-phase of Hainan Huaxin oil tank depot; By the means of technical service and outsourcing employment, we have afforded the commissioning and operation of Yantai-Zibo pipeline owned by Shandong joint energy company, operation and maintenance of Zhejiang tianlu energy company and commissioning and operation of Tanzania gas pipeline project.

Commissioning and Operation Maintenance of Tanzanian Natural Gas Pipeline Project
Technical training

Nanjing Staff Training Center, affiliated to PSTC, uses the achievement of oil&gas storage and transportation key laboratory to build up the training programs of pipeline storage and transportation technology, hazardous chemical management and contractor security ,to build training facilities of oil transporting simulation, power substation simulation, oil product testing operation. Currently, Nanjing Staff Training Center is preparing to construct national training practical operation basement to become the robust training basement with oil&gas storage and transportation characteristics. PSTC is specialized in SINOPEC oil transportation, operating 6616 km pipelines and 12.38 million cubic meters transfer tanks, with 198 million tons loading capacity annually and 100 million odd transportation capacity annually , to supply oil to 21 refining and chemical companies of SINOPEC.

Storage and transportation engineering project management

Guided by Sinopec engineering construction “3557” management system, Project Management Center, affiliated to PSTC, strengthens engineering project integration management and improve the company instructive documents such as engineering management manual and project management roadmap. Project Management Center has professional management and technical advantage of project overall management and control. Project Management Center has organized to construct, commission and operate dozens of large oil&gas storage and transportation engineering such as Yonghuning, Yizheng - Changling, Rizhao - Yizheng and Sichuan to East Gas Transmission pipeline project, and has obtained abundant project construction and management experiences. The Sichuan to East Gas Transmission pipeline project has been awarded national good quality engineering golden medal prize.

In-service Beihai Oil Commercial Reserve Base Meets Oil Demand in Southwest Region
Pipeline research and design

East China Pipeline Design Research Institute, affiliated to PSTC, is the sole professional institute conducting long-distance pipeline and oil&gas tank depot engineering plan and design in SINOPEC. It possesses national class A qualification for engineering design and consulting, and 16 national technology patents, such as multi-media pipeline project, large-scale pipeline crossing, subsea pipeline project, hilly products pipeline, large-scale oil tank, gas transmission network optimizing and gas storage peak-shaving, the transient simulation technology in complicated schemes and SCADA integrity system. It has undertaken SINOPEC “Five-Year Plan” development plan compiling for crude oil and products pipeline network since the 11th “five-year plan” and has awarded about 30 national and provincial excellent engineering design award and excellent engineering consulting prizes.

Oil Pipeline Station Design

Pipeline Science Research Institute , affiliated to PSTC, provides product and technical service for safe, effective and economic oil transportation and operation. We strive to make technological breakthrough in key technology ,such as crude oil pipeline network operation optimization, crude oil pipeline transportation schemes research, corrosion monitoring of inferior oil on pipeline, inspection and control technology, large-scale oil tank and depot security technology, oil tank depot automation technology, adding agents to promote oil and products transportation throughput and reducing pour point.BEM serial agent to improve the oil flow and HG drag reducer that the institute researches and produces have been broadly applied to long-distance crude oil and products pipeline.

Pipeline Science and Technology Research Center Attending China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology Exhibition
Pipeline inspection and examination

Sinopec long-distance oil & gas pipeline inspection company, limited,affiliated to PSTC, is a professional technical service company, whose core business is oil&gas pipeline intelligent inspection, oil&gas storage and transportation facility examination, engineering inspection, oil test and metering. As the member of China Special Equipment Inspection Institute, it has key laboratory certified by national CNAS, 7 technical patents, and such qualifications as class A certificate on national special equipment NDT organization, long-distance pipeline and pipe comprehensive inspection. Until now, It has totally completed 10000 KM odd detection for pipeline inside and outside and CP, about 1000 odd storage tank inspection, 100 process stations inspection, 300 odd tanks capacity calibration and the total test. Our total inspection and examination have reached 55000 times.

In-service inspection of CaoFeidian Oil Tank Depot and Pipes on Depot
Oil and gas pipeline first-aid repair

Oil and gas pipeline first-aid repair center, affiliated to PSTC, is responsible for PSTC first-aid repair system management, pipeline first-aid business management, company-level emergency rescue operation and first-aid repair technology research, technical training and standardization construction. According to the principle of “reasonable allocating work, responding at different levels, covering radius less than 350 km”, it establishes 9 class A first-aid teams, 4 class B first-aid teams, 7 class C first-aid teams. We have completed hundreds of first-aid repair of blocking and hot works on crude oil, products and naphtha pipelines, and have finished long-distance pipeline wax plugging, the repair work of process pipeline networks sinking in oil tank depots, etc.

Pipeline Repair and Maintenance
Large-scale Oil Transportation Pump Inspection
Special operation

Xuzhou Shihua Pipeline Special Operation Co., Ltd, affiliated to PSTC, is in charge of conducting special work such as directional drilling crossing, pipeline plugging, oil tank cleaning and maintenance, electromechanical engineering, anti-corrosion engineering, elbow pipe and non-standard parts production. We own the following qualifications: petrochemical engineering overall contract class II, power transmission and transformation special contract class III, anti-corrosion and insulation special contract class II. We have constructed several pipelines, have conducted about 100 high-low pressure in-service pipeline blocking, and have cleaned 100 odd oil tanks with capacity of over 10000 cubic meter, and have successfully crossed Yangtze river 20 odd times using horizontal directional drilling .

Hot-tapping and Plugging
River Crossing
Oil Storage Tank Cleaning
Oil Storage Tank Repair and Maintenance
Anti-corrosion Project​​