Our company’s safety technology program was passed by Sinopec Group

On April19-20, Sinopec Group Safety Supervision Bureau held safety technology program final report assessment meeting in Nanjing oil transportation department. The program of “research on crude oil leakage combustible gas detector feasibility” made by Pipeline Science Research Institute was passed by the final report appraisement.

The expert group from Safety Supervision Bureau, Research Institute of Safety Engineering,Jiangsu Oil field and Yizheng Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd. visited Yizheng oil transportation station and tested 10 TDOA1 crude oil leakage combustible gas detector which had been used on trial. After understanding the system operation and combining with the on-site trial investigation and project research report, they analyzed and proved the technical mechanism, operation stability and linear data, making proposals of researching deeply on the law of oil and gas loss and the installation site.

The researchon crude oil leakage combustible gas detector feasibility was agreed by the expert group and was finally passed by Sinopec Group final report assessment.

Applying semiconductor sensing mechanism, this program makes a breakthrough in 2 key technologies of linearization and stability and fills in the blank of applying linear semiconductor technology into oil and gas leakage detection. At present, 3 innovations from the program was proposed patent application. According to suggestions and trial conditions, Pipeline Science Research Institute will optimize and improve the program, in order to put it into application as early as possible.


Sinopec expert group conducts field test on the detector in Yizheng oil transportation station.


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