State Council inspection team examines Weijing pipeline hazard treatment


On June 6-7, State Council inspection team of oil and gas transmission pipeline safety hazard treatment conducted special examination on the hazard treatment of Weijing pipeline managed by Xiangyang oil transportation department. In the briefing meeting, Xiangyang oil transportation department introduced the general information and hazard treatment of Weijing pipeline,and offered proposals such as bringing third party construction into 110 police platform response mechanism, and reasonably keeping away from oil transportation pipeline in the city planning.

The inspection team investigated the hazard treatment field of Xiangzhou oil transportation station, the pipeline route change in Dongjin town and Yujiahu industrial park in Xiangcheng district, and gave affirmative evaluation on the hazard treatment. The inspection team made the following requirements: to enhance the communication between the local government and pipeline company to jointly work well in pipeline protection; Xiangyang oil transportation department must do well in pipeline integrity management and pipeline inspection; to strengthen pipeline hazard identification and risk control, HCAs sign management and pipeline protection campaign and to improve contingency plan with local government, guaranteeing pipeline safe operation.


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